To fully appreciate his craft, it is imperative to catch a glimpse of The Genie playing live; this multi instrumentalist utilizes both hands and feet while he performs, playing the guitar, looping tracks, and twisting knobs with his toes, all in unison!
— Chris Light,

Working with nothing but a couple of loop pedals, a guitar, and occasionally an iPod, Genie makes a hybrid of original music and covers. He produces live electronica, hip-hop, and psychedelic surf-rock in what is part performance and part what he calls “analog DJing.”
— Jasmine Blocker, SF Weekly

As The Genie took the stage, there was a general curiosity in the air surrounding the maze of pedals and instruments. The Le Twist Tuesdays crowd quickly gathered around as he removed his shoes, sat down and started twisting knobs and pushing buttons. By the end of the first song The Genie appeared to go into as much of a meditative trance as one can while working several complicated pieces of musical equipment, playing over an hour of psychedelic remixes of everything from Sir Mix-a-Lot to the Bulgarian State Television Female Choir. It’s not every day one catches a genie. Here’s hoping this won’t be Sacramento’s last chance.
— Andrew Bell, Sacramento News & Review