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Artist, musician, and performer  in a league of his own, becoming known for his avant-garde guitar playing and live-looping innovations.

Genie Sunrise with guitar feburary 2022-18.jpeg

An unforgettable musical/visual experience.  

“...The Genie’s Crystal Mirror Space is SF’s coolest ... Experience”


Basically a live, private concert which incorporates a technique called “G-mixing.”
Every client who books supplies a few of their favorite artists, then Genie prepares a custom 45-minute set of cover songs that incorporates samples from the original recordings as well as live instrumentation and vocals.
Any artist is fair game, from the most obscure electronic producers to mega pop stars like Taylor Swift. And even if The Genie isn’t necessarily a Swiftie, he’s still happy to oblige.


Thank you for interest! Talk soon.

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